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Fusion Wheel and Tire Cleaner

Fusion Wheel and Tire Cleaner

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Fusion Wheel and Tire Cleaner is your one stop to get both your wheels and tires clean.  To clean your tires just spray on the tires and use your tire brush to clean the tires.  Depending on how dirty your tires are you may need to repeat a few times until the foam doesn't turn brown anymore.  To clean your wheels just spray on and use your favorite wheel brush to clean them.  This is a product that should be in your wash routine.


The great thing about Fusion Wheel & Tire Cleaner is that it is so versatile.  Here are some of the ways you can use it.

1. Straight out of the bottle with our sprayer.

2. Dilute 1:1 in a foam sprayer ex (IK Foamer)

3. Dilute 3:1 in a foam Sprayer

4. Pour directly into a foam cannon.  (This is my favorite method) 

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