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About Us

I am not a professional detailer but a guy that loves to wash his car. I really enjoy having the cleanest car at the shows, meets, races or even at the gas station.

I participated in Hot Rod Drag Week a few years ago. I was the only person cleaning their car before each run. I wanted to look good while I ran.

I spent a few years on my YouTube channel Bring It Muscle Cars, testing products. I then decided I wanted to create a line for someone like me. I wanted to create a line that the average car guy wanted to use. Something that's fun to use and made washing your car an enjoyable experience. I feel like I did that with my products. My products are color coordinated with the towels, so you always know what towel to use. I wanted products that were easy to use but still worked great.

I think most of us can relate that drying the car is the least liked part. Using Dry and Shine Detail Spray has made that experience one of the best parts now. It makes drying a snap and leaves your car looking glossy. Finding a solution like that is what really drove me to start Bring It Garage.

I also wanted to create a brand that was not just about the products but also the people that use it. I got tired of using big name products that you don’t know the owner or what they stand for. Are they a car guy or are they just trying to make money from us car people. I am a car guy through and through. Actually, we are a car family. I started off drag racing and made the switch to autocross. I race and support my local club. I also race nationally. Not that I’m good but I really have fun at it. My fiancée races most of the events with us (we actually race her Toyota Supra). My son also races. Soon my daughters will be racing with us too. I support local car clubs and go to as many shows as possible. I have won my class at Ford Nationals at Carlisle. I have done Hot Rod Drag Week. Our lives revolve around cars. I will always try to have the car looking good because you never know who you might bump into.

If you ever see us out, in PA, please come up and say hello. It would mean the world to me. Thank you for taking the time to check out my products and possibly giving us a shot. I would love to earn your business. Check us out on YouTube, TikTok and Facebook.