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Fresh Interior Detailer

Fresh Interior Detailer

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The Perfect interior cleaner to gently cleans surfaces, lift light stains and leaves your interior with a fresh smell and matte looking interior.  Fresh Interior Detailer is a versatile cleaning product. It can be used on the dash, door panels, interior plastics, navigation screens, leather and carpet. This formula is a specialized water based non-silicone product that has strong cross-linking polymers.  These polymers generate a very durable matte finish that is streak free and non-greasy.  Fresh Interior Detailer can last up to 90 days.  It will provide you with a UV protection too.  Another benefit to this formula is that when agitated with will foam.  This can make getting the dirt out of those hard to reach places easier. it's safe on most surfaces just test the product on a inconspicuous spot.  This product leave behind a UV protection.  

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