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Easy Seal Graphene Detail Spray

Easy Seal Graphene Detail Spray

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Easy Seal Graphene Detail Spray is a very versatile product.  You can you use it as a drying aid, detail spray and a stand alone sealant.  

I love to use this as a drying aid with my graphene spray coating.  I use it about once a month in this method.  It gives you protection from the drying towel and adds some shine.  At the same time it will give you some paint protection for a month or two.  This is an added benefit of the graphene and ceramic in the the product.  

You can also use it as detail spray when at a car meet/show after you washed the car.  It will add some pop to your paint.  

You can also use it as a stand alone short term sealant if you wish.  you would apply it after you wash and dried the car.  It will give you anywhere from 1-3 months of protection.  This is a great way to go if you don't want to apply a full graphene or ceramic coating on your car.  

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