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Complete Interior Detailer

Complete Interior Detailer

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Complete Interior Detailer is your one stop to cover all of your interior needs.  It's safe to use on plastics, leather, screens and fabrics.  This one step solution will clean and dress your interior to a factory look.  Complete has UV blocking agents and order neutralizers making it a easy choice for your interior cleaning needs.  Complete also has anti-static additives helping keep your interior dust free for a longer period. On heavier soiled spots spray directly on the area and clean with a brush or towel.  On less soiled areas and screens spray on a towel and apply to the area.    

Complete Interior Detailer goes on as a natural finish.  If you desire a glossier finish just apply more coats until you get to your desired look.  

As always test the product on a inconspicuous spot first. 

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